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From a book review by Cori Amato Hartwig

"As if it were a time capsule, Øyvind Jonas Jellestad’s When The Crowd Cries offers readers a chance to go back in time, back to a time at which Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe drove the styles of portrait and fashion photography".

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"The title, WhenThe Crowd Cries, conjures up lyrics from the David Bowie song “What In The World,” off of his iconic 1977 album Low, a song in which Bowie sings out to a young girl, insisting for her to “wait until the crowd cries.” AnneGrethe Fuller reminds us of the young girl Bowie sings to; this book marks some of the highlights of her modeling career and acts as her shining moment when the crowd cries for her."

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"Knowing that the camera made AnneGrethe transform into a different person, a model transcending ideals of beauty and fashion, makes seeing these photographs all the more special."

Technical facts

Resolution: 1536x2048 px
Pictures 150 ppt
Optimizes for iPad Retina
80 pages
First published 2017

Third edition was published in 2018

"Excellent high quality and still retains that professional-looking graininess. This should be a hardback book!"
- Stated by a customer

The book comes in two editions;
ePub for iPad or other Apple devices and MOBI for Kindle

Now only $ 9.99 !


ePub edition 107,5 Mb

Kindle 188,4 Mb

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