Pre-Made eBook Covers - More Information

There will be three categories of eBook covers; "Low Cost", "Medium Cost" and "Unique".

Low Cost - $ 50
These covers are based on free pictures which are manipulated in various ways, some are even pics from my iPhone! They are licensed to be used on ebooks with a circulation of less than 500 000 copies.
I have chosen to start with this group because it involves less risk and I want to test the market before I really want to pursue this.

Medium Cost - $ 100
This will be covers where I have bought the picture or the rights to use it as a book cover.
Unique - $ 150 - 200
This will be covers based on my own pictures.
Common for all three groups:
All covers are based on the iPad Retina 4, 1536x2048 which easily fits both ePub and Mobi. If you want a different size then tell me.

How to order?

If you find a cover that you like, send a mail to with the text you want. Don't forget to tell me the number of the cover you have decided to go for ...
You will receive a test copy and if you are satisfied you will get a link to a site where you can download the cover after you have paid.
The cover will be made in flattened tiff, jpg and png.
The jpg and png will be in 150 and 72 lines, the tiff in 300.
You will keep the "site" for two months in case something goes wrong with your work.
As soon as you have ordered, the cover will be marked as sold.
I don't use the same picture twice!
What if you want to use your own picture or have a specific idea?
Well, that's easy.
Then it will be a custom made cover and we will discuss the price first and come to an agreement.