• I strongly believe that if you want something done, do it yourself

    I didn't try to get my book published by an established publishing house, it was never a question. With my background and knowledge from the graphic industry it was evident that I did everything myself.
    The last stage in this process; the sale, I handed over to others like Amazon and Apple.

    In May it’s been a year since I published When the Crowd Cries and what a year!
    I have learned so many new things about how to market a book and how to sell it.

    As an experiment I made a page on my domain bandana.no, a domain I have other plans with. This single page is a market place called My tiny little bookstore. You could buy my book and automatic get a digital download copy of it. Rather tricky, but after a lot of testing and errors I got it right at last.
    After a short period I found it right to move further on, that’s why I established crycrowd.com

    I know that many will think that I am a megalomaniac when I make an entire website to sell a single book, but that's not what this is. The first book will be followed by others, and not necessarily just my own. Now my second book is out, so slowly CryCrowd will grow ...

    The man Outside the Window was poised to be released in April but are now published August 26th 2018. It is always a little inconvenient to change plans, but sometimes it is both necessary and good. I get more time to do a better job and I also get time to plan marketing and sales in the best possible way. I must admit that when I made my first book, I thought that it was creating it that mattered most.

    I know better now.