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Two books for nearly the same price as one!

As I told you before there has not been any reviews for
The Man Outside the Window yet,
but I am confident that there soon will be ...
"As if it were a time capsule, Øyvind Jonas Jellestad’s When The Crowd Cries offers readers a chance to go back in time, back to a time at which Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe drove the styles of portrait and fashion photography. Providing us with nearly eighty pages of black and white film, the book serves as a catalog featuring the late model AnneGrethe Fuller. Jellestad shot the photos between 1979 and 1984, while he was working as a freelance photographer in Norway; the first edition of the book was not published until May 2017."
From a book review by 
Cori Amato Hartwig 
Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine
San Francisco
The books are the same as specified before, of course.
Do remember the warning under the Quality section on the first page though!
As you can see below, the file sizes are quite impressive ...

Now only $ 12.99 !


ePub edition 223,4 Mb


Kindle 382,6 Mb


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