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    I'm really glad that I made the decision to sell my books from my own website! With book number two it really has become a reality. Hopefully there will be other contributors and more books from me.
    I always had that dream to make a really old fashioned cook book, but that his hard work and take a long time to do. Today I am writing a food blog, «LØKEN», "LØK" is the Norwegian word for "onion".
    In many ways I already have started to work with the project …

    As you can se of the ads the quality of both the Mobi and ePub files are very high. That means really large files. The standard is set by the iPad Retina, 2048x1536 resolution and all pictures are .png with 150 ppt.
    Most people who owns an iPad or a Kindle also own a PC or an Apple computer.
    I would advise you to download the files on your computer and than transfer them to the Kindle or the iPad.
    This is extremely important when it comes to the Bundle packages!!!

    If you own an iPad prior to the Retina model it works (I experimented with my wife's old iPad), but it is a lot of work though.

    So why do I use this very high quality?
    Because my pictures deserves it!

    And as a customer wrote;

    «Excellent high quality and still retains that professional-looking graininess. This should be a hardback book!»



    IMPORTANT NOTE! On some iPads I have found that it can be difficult to see the sub menu on the "BOOKSTORE" menu. If you press your finger slowly and firmly on the menu you should be able to se all three choiches.
    To be absolutely sure I have made a list of the links to the books:

    The Man Outside the Window
    When the Crowd Cries
    Bundle (Both books)