Why have I made this site?

The obvious reason is of course to sell my book, but I have greater plans than that.
I think that the firms who dominate the market for eBooks today; do very little to market what they sell and they take the most of the money from the sale.
That’s unfair and unethical!

I started this site as an experiment and I have already sold more than I had expected …

The second problem I have is to get reviews.

I became member of a review page on Facebook and I had to buy books on Amazon and write at least one review before anyone could give my book any. Having done that I wrote a post and said «Hey, what about me and my book». Then they said they didn’t give reviews to non-fiction books or documentaries.
Well, the story in my book is non-fiction, a documentary, but the pictures themselves tell another story.
That story is fiction.

I guess that  there are many authors out there who have had the same experience.

Thats why I now will invite other authors to sell their books on crycrowd.com
In the beginning I have sat some limits;
Max 5 authors beside myself.
I will accept all genres, but I will prefer books that contains visual art.

I expect you to do your part of the job …

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