The stories I could tell

«The stories I could tell
In my memory, I remember you still» *

One of my models who appear in «The Man Outside the Window» criticized me for not tell any stories about my pictures. She meant that people would like to know about how I am «behaving» when working on an idea and they would like to know the stories behind.

In my opinion, she is totally wrong!
I do believe I remember most of the thousands of pictures I’ve done during the years when I actually made them. Of course, there is a story behind many of them (all of the pics in the books), but the commercial shots are what they are; Commercial.
Many times I have made pictures with a plan behind what I am doing. Some times even, I have had a history to tell.

If I go to an art exhibition, I do not ask the artist what he or she has meant with the pictures. I look and study and get my own thoughts about the pictures. There is no right or wrong.

As an example, I would like to show you two pictures I made with a clear idea about what the pictures should be about.  I chose one of my best friends, Grethe, as a model for the pictures.
Since they were about violence, and I am not a violent person, I decided to add colour to the black and white pictures just to give them a kind of dreamy character.
They are both included in my last book but without titles.

It's just a question of time ...

It’s just a question of time …

And the other one:

... before you hit me!

… before you hit me!

I don’t want to explain more about these two pictures, but publishing them without an explanation gives the public the opportunity to see and feel whatever they like.
That’s what art is about …

* The title of this blog post is from a song from The Call, written and sung by late Michael Been.
It’s one of my favourite songs and there is even a story about this.

On their first and only tour to Norway (maybe Europe), I was the local promoter on one of their gigs in Bergen. The event was taped by The Norwegian Broadcast Company and the gig became a part of a program about Bergen International Festival.

The program won even a price!

But this is another story …

You can listen to the song here:

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