A MICK RONSON BIOGRAPHY The authors, Weird and Gilly (characters from the David Bowie album, Ziggy Stardust), have written a book about guitar legend Mick Ronson, and they have done a tremendous job! For those who don’t know who Mick Ronson was, this may not be a book for you. Others, like me, will probably find the book […]

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  • Killing my darlings

    «KILL your darlings» is a well-known expression in the writing community all though I believe it was first used in the advertising industry. Well, I have done a lot of killing lately … My first site, bandana.no is history. CheapChip Publishing, cheapchip.no has gone the same way. My firm has changed its name to CRYCROWD GRAPHICS. […]

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  • After the ball

    These pictures never became particularly popular …My wife hates them and I am pretty sure that she is not the only one.It is not my mission in life to make pictures which people like, sometimes it is is much more important to make something that they really disgust.Anyway, that is not a theme for writing […]

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