Killing my darlings

«KILL your darlings» is a well-known expression in the writing community all though I believe it was first used in the advertising industry.
Well, I have done a lot of killing lately …
My first site, is history. CheapChip Publishing, has gone the same way.
My firm has changed its name to CRYCROWD GRAPHICS.
I think that is right ‘cause I already have started doing more things than making books. 

Some of you has seen my pre-made ebook covers, based on free pictures mainly sourced from Pixabay.
I have started making covers from my own pictures, but I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had the time to make enough of them yet. 

I show you two of my own covers here, but it will take some time before they are ready to be sold on

Norwegian law requires that I change the front page of my books and at the same time get new ISBNs.
I will also have to change the Copyright Notice on each of the pics in both my books …

Luckily, I have never been afraid of working.

I already working on my cookbook (only in Norwegian). It’s a huge project and it will probably take over a year to finish.
At the same time, I try to write on something that seems to become a crime novel.

My biggest drawback is that I don’t like the summer.
I work best in the fall and early spring.
Then it is dark and it stimulates the imagination … 

Added September 13 2019

I closed down my premade eBook covers service today. Too much work and too few who responded.
I have a lot to do but are still open for custom made covers.

Send me a mail if you are interested.
Meanwhile, I concentrate on my cookbook and my novel …

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