David Bailey – An icon among photographers

“David Bailey has had only two love affairs in his life, one with photography and one with beautiful women. It is difficult to say which of these two affairs has taken up most of his energy, but I have noticed that – while I have often seen him with only one beautiful woman – I have never seen him with less than two cameras.” 

Brian Clarke as an introduction to “Trouble and strife”,
David Bailey’s very personal book of photographs of his wife Marie Helvin.


I have never been much into heroes and idols, but David Bailey makes somehow an exception.
An icon among photographers. 

David Bailey – Click the image if you want to know more about him

In the middle of the 70-ties I bought my first 35 mm SLR camera, a Ricoh Singlex, and soon after I was photographing everything around me. And when I say everything I really mean it! 

I built my first darkroom and of course I read everything I came across, concerning cameras and development of film. 

I was totally lost! 

My wife in those days were into clothes and wanted to become a fashion designer (which she eventually did, and many of my pictures started with photographing her models). She bought fashion magazines, especially British “Vogue”, and at that time David Bailey (and Helmut Newton), was the leading photographer’s. 

It is amazing that he is working after all these years and still are reckoned as one of the worlds leading photographers. He has always inspired me, and still, does! 

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