Dave Thompson has written this biography of Roger Waters. He is an experienced author who has written over a hundred books.
«Pop Matters,» says;
«Waters is a massively complex man. It takes a very complex writer to capture this much and to shine a light on what we admire and dislike about this musical genius. Thompson here proves that he is the right man for the job.»
Well, I couldn’t agree more! The book provides a comprehensive picture of Roger Waters and all the events that have led him to what he is today. It is is very well written, and easy to understand, even for a foreigner!
Of course, a lot of names and more or less well-known musicians makes it challenging to keep people and events apart. It is a book you have to read more than once! But, that’s the beauty of it.
I love books you can read repeatedly!

  • Format: Paperback | 280 pages
  • Dimensions 146 x 223 x 21mm | 435g
  • Publication date 01 Mar 2017
  • Publisher Hal Leonard Corporation
  • Publication City/Country United Kingdom

One of my favorite songs;



The authors, Weird and Gilly (characters from the David Bowie album, Ziggy Stardust), have written a book about guitar legend Mick Ronson, and they have done a tremendous job!
For those who don’t know who Mick Ronson was, this may not be a book for you. Others, like me, will probably find the book overwhelming with all its details and stories.
Michael Ronson was born in Kingston upon Hull in 1946.
Weird & Gilly has interviewed a lot of his relatives, classmates and others that stood him near.
I’m usually a quick reader, but in this case, it took me weeks to complete it. I didn’t know that much!
I bought some of Mick Ronson’s solo projects, and of course, I bought the remastered version of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (I had them all on vinyl, but my son have got all my records and stereo system). The book is very well written, and all the stories have given me a new perspective on both Mick Ronson and the whole environment around David Bowie. As a supplement to the book, it is well worth downloading the video Beside Bowie. It’s easy to find online, and it’s free to download. At least the copy I found.

Mick Ronson and David Bowie

Technical facts:
Published by Music Press Books

The book even contains a couple of pages with pictures, which is a bit unusual for a paperback.
The number of pages is 378 plus the cover.

Finally, I only saw Mick Ronson on stage once.
It was with Mott the Hoople at a club in Bergen. The concert was fantastic and it was an experience to watch Mick Ronson’s way of playing.
Mick later returned to Bergen, where he was to produce a record for Secret Mission, a well-known Norwegian band.
One night I happened to meet him at a pub in town. He stood right next to me and greeted very politely. I wanted to tell him that he was the world’s best guitarist, but I figured it was something he had heard far too many times. Instead, we had a conversation about very ordinary things.

I’ll never forget it!

A book you don’t forget!


This book review is more about how the book is written than what the story is about. If you are more interested in what than how I would advise you to just buy the book and read what’s written on the back cover.

This is this book’s strength and that’s why you should buy and read it!

I don’t think that you would regret it.

More than half of the book is basically a prologue describing Kacey Kells’s upbringing; her childhood and the steps into the teenage world. Both everyday events and serious family crises is very thoroughly described. She has a liberating easy way to tell her story and imperceptibly you get dragged into her world.

I am normally a very fast reader, but when I read this story my thoughts constantly wandered to my own childhood and youth, to my son and to two little girls and a boy that I was the stepfather for in nearly a decade.

Slowly, without noticing,
I became a part of the book myself …

Kacey Kells’s «Warning to the reader», an unique way of expressing herself, is the start of the really ugly and mean part of the book!

This part is not an unusual story; I have friends who have had the same experiences, so it came totally as a chock to me when I became filled with rage and anger!
So angry that I couldn’t read more for a long time …

A lot of thoughts, and they were not pleasant, flew through my brain.

In many ways Kacey Kells makes her story to everyone’s story.

This is this book’s strength
and that’s why you should buy and read it!

Let me add, and this stands out as my personal opinion; It is the time after the rape that is the worst, not the rape itself …