Why have I made this site?

The obvious reason is of course to sell my book, but I have greater plans than that.
I think that the firms who dominate the market for ebooks today; do very little to market what they sell and they take the most of the money from the sale.
That’s unfair and unethical!

I started this site as an experiment and I have already sold more than I had expected …

The second problem I have is to get reviews.
I became member of a review page on Facebook and I had to buy books on Amazon and write at least one review before anyone could give my book any. Having done that I wrote a post and said «Hey, what about me and my book». Then they said they didn’t give reviews to non-fiction books or documentaries.

Well, the story in my book is non-fiction, a documentary, but the pictures themselves tell another story.
That story is fiction.

I guess that  there are many authors out there who have had the same experience.

Thats why I now will invite other authors to sell their books on crycrowd.com
In the beginning I have sat some limits;
Max 5 authors beside myself.
I will accept all genres.
I expect you to do your part of the job of promoting your book.

For each sale I will charge 25% and I will pay your part of the sale each month.
You are responsible for the tax in your own country, you will not pay anything in Norway.
You get a personal page on the site with a link to the sale page. Each book get its own page.

I am open for any idea and all forms for discussions.

If you are interested send me some words either on the contact form, as DM on Twitter or write some words at CryCrowd’s Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/CryCrowd/



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