Goodbye Amazon and Apple!

I work best when I work alone …

As many already have seen, my book When the Crowd Cries will not being sold anywhere else than on my own site, The only exception will be, for now, BoldBooks in Norway.

There are several reasons for this decision; I don’t like Amazon’s payment policy, neither their part of the sale prize.
When it comes to Apple I was forced to change the photo on the cover.
Although I was told by friends that this wouldn’t matter, the picture that was used instead was as good as the other. May be, but the title of the book got meaningless!

This picture disgust me!!!

This picture disgust me!!!


Many authors complain over the big companies, like the two I already have mentioned.

Of course I know that I am not the first one who are alone, but that part of «the indie business» is seldom discussed. I wonder why, I think that when you are an indie author and indie publisher it is totally logical that the next step will be an indie bookseller …

Wish me well 🎶 😎

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