«A Norwegian photographer’s raw and beautiful visual description of life from the 70's to the 80’s»


"When the Crowd Cries"

"This book was made as a tribute to my favourite model, AnneGrethe Fuller, who died all too young ...

Mostly this is commercial fashion photographs from the period I worked as a freelance photographer in the end of the 70'ties and to the middle of the 80'ties.

We had a great time though, and some of the pictures is made just for fun.
After a while I began to experiment with photographs as visual art, or contemporary art if you like.

All the pictures in the book is black & white and scanned from the originally negative.

"The Man Outside the Window"

" Unlike my first book, When the Crowd Cries; The Man Outside the Window is not about any particulary model. It's a mixture between fashion shots, black and white as well as colour.

Many of the pics are what some would call Street Photography, even if I am too shy to do much of that type of photography ...
I prefer indoor sessions.

Some of the pics are manipulated, they are black and white, but I have replaced parts of the pics with colours.
Digital art is the thing I have done most in the last years and I love to experiment especially with Adobe Illustrator.

Both books package - BUNDLE

If you want to buy both the books (they are cheap, aren't they?), you get an even lower price if you buy the "Bundle package".

Be shure though that you have read "the Quality section" first!
You are dealing with quite large files.

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When I published my first book I was totally unaware how the business about eBooks worked.
In spite of my background from the graphic industry it took a while to understand that the people who ruled the eBook market operated after a totally other standards than I was used to.

When it came to the ethical aspect of the business I dicovered that there was none!

When Apple censored the cover of my book I really had enough!
I don't think they even know why it is very rare that books gets censored in the free world.
I believe that the last book that was censored here in Noway was in the end of the 1960'ties.
People still feel guilty about it!

Because of this and the economic policy in "the eBook industry" I quickly descide to work for myself.
I haven't regretted it for one single moment ...


As you can se of the ads, the quality of both the Mobi and ePub files are very high. That means really large files!

The standard is set by the iPad Retina, 1536x2048 resolution and all pictures are .png with 150 ppt. Most people who owns an iPad or a Kindle also own a PC or an Apple computer. I would advise you to download the files on your computer and then transfer them to the Kindle or the iPad.

This is extremely important when it comes to the Bundle packages!!!
If you own an iPad prior to the Retina model it works (I experimented with my wife's old iPad), but it is a lot of work though.

So why do I use this very high quality? Because my pictures deserves it!


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A short presentation of the author

Øyvind Jonas Jellestad

  • Was born in 1953 in Bergen, Norway
  • Has extended experience from the graphic industry
  • Has worked as a free-lance photograhpher
    as well as a graphic designer.
  • Retired from work in 2004
    because the vapors from solvents
    and other chemicals made him sick
  • He is married and has one child

At the moment he is busy planning his next project; A really old fashioned cook book on a modern platform.
It's a lot of people who use their iPad on the kitchen.
This book will, sorry to say, only be published in Norwegian.

His author page is jellestad.no
and his publishing site is cheapchip.no