Our books are made with the highest quality available.
This makes the reproduction of images far better than, for example, regular printing.
More information here.

Pre-made eBook covers

This is a brand new service, and at the moment we first offer "Low Cost Pre-Made eBook Cover".
"Medium Cost" and "Unique" will be two other options shortly.
More information here.

Many New Options

Today's internet also includes video and audio.
Currently we are experimenting with a small studio to create our own productions.
This is at the very beginning ...

CryCrowd - the last link in a fairly new publishing house


What services can we offer?

  • High Quality eBooks of course

  • Low cost pre-made eBook covers

  • Custom made book covers

  • Publish you eBook

  • Graphic design in general

  • Technical production of your ebook

CryCrowd might be a small indie site at the moment, but it is a site with ambitions to grow large.

CryCrowd is also one of three websites, please visit the other two as well:

My publising site is CheapChip Publishing and my author site is Jellestad