My name is Øyvind Jonas Jellestad, born and living in Bergen, Norway.
I'm a retired lithographic printer, photographer and amateur cook. 
Now also an author & publisher of "When the Crowd Cries" and "The Man Outside the Window".
At the moment I am working on two new books, an old fashion cook-book on modern digital media (this will only be published in Norwegian), and something that seems to become a crime novel.
If you want to know more about me, you can have a look at my author page.



This book was made as a tribute to my favourite model, 
AnneGrethe Fuller, who died all too young ... 
Mostly this is commercial fashion photographs from the period I worked as a freelance photographer in the end of the 70'ties and to the middle of the 80'ties.
We had a great time though, and some of the pictures is made just for fun.
After a while I began to experiment with photographs as visual art, or contemporary art if you like.
All the pictures in the book is black & white and scanned from the originally negative.

Technical facts
Resolution: 1536x2048 px 
Pictures 150 ppt Optimizes for iPad Retina
80 pages 
First published 2017 
This edition is published in 2019 
"Excellent high quality and still retains that professional-looking graininess. This should be a hardback book!"
Stated by a customer 
The book comes in two editions; 
ePub for iPad or other Apple devices and MOBI for Kindle

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Unlike my first book, When the Crowd CriesThe Man Outside the Window is not about any particulary model.
It's a mixture between fashion shots and random ones, black and white as well as colour.

Many of the pics are what some would call Street Photography, even if I am too shy to do much of that type of photography ...
Beeing a bit shy I prefer indoor sessions.

Some of the pics are manipulated, they are black and white, but I have replaced parts of the pics with colours. 
Digital art is the thing I have done most in the last years and I love to experiment, especially with Adobe Illustrator.

Technical facts
Resolution: 1536x2048 px
Pictures 150 ppt  
Optimized for iPad Retina
88 pages 
First published 2018 
This edition is published in 2019
The book comes in two editions;
ePub for iPad or other Apple devices and MOBI for Kindle


Now only $ 2.99


ePub edition 118,2 Mb 


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Both books - "BUNDLE"


Two books for nearly the same price as one!

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That's because the quaility is high, very high!

Company Policy!

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I love to transcend my black and white photographs in colour! When I had my studio, I also had equipment for silk screen printing.
I sold, in fact, a lot of my prints, and if my health hadn't been what it is, I had probably done it today too.


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