• The naked body

    «The human body itself plays an important role in creating the eye-catching form of these pieces; Fuller displays a natural sense of space and shape, her poses and facial expressions challenging the binaries between clean and dirty, and professional and fun/flirty.» From a review by Cori Amato Hartwig The naked body has inspired artists for […]

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  • Being yourself makes you beautiful

    Of course, one can discuss what makes a woman beautiful, but being yourself is much more important than expensive clothes and make-up. A woman wearing no jewelry look more sophisticated than the ones overdoing it. When I photographed a new model I always asked her to wear her own favorite clothes. Feeling well is a […]

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  • David Bailey – An icon among photographers

    “David Bailey has had only two love affairs in his life, one with photography and one with beautiful women. It is difficult to say which of these two affairs has taken up most of his energy, but I have noticed that – while I have often seen him with only one beautiful woman – I […]

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  • A book you don’t forget!

    KELLCEY by KACEY KELLS This book review is more about how the book is written than what the story is about. If you are more interested in what than how I would advise you to just buy the book and read what’s written on the back cover. This is this book’s strength and that’s why you […]

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  • We can be heroes, forever and ever

    «I had a friend back in the 70-ties who came back after a trip to London where he had bought some LP’s, one of them was «The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars». No one had ever heard of the singer «David Bowie». He put the record on though and […]

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